About Us

Chula Vaccine Research Center

The Center of Excellence in Vaccine Research and Development, Chulalongkorn University

Center of Excellence in Vaccine Research and Development or Chula Vaccine Research Center (Chula VRC) was formally established in 2017 under the supervision of Professor Kiat Ruxrungtham. Chula VRC consists of faculty staff and researchers with common interest in vaccine research and development to work together and share their knowledge and experience leading to the strength of the team. Chula VRC focuses not only on vaccines against infectious diseases, such as HIV infection, dengue fever, leptospirosis, and emerging infections including novel corona virus disease (COVID-19) but also vaccines against non-infectious diseases including house dust mite allergy.  

The mission of Chula VRC is to “develop and deliver effective, safe, and affordable vaccines” for domestic use in Thailand and our neighboring low-income countries.

Focus Areas

Development of COVID-19 vaccine

  1. Safety and immunogenicity study of COVID-19 mRNA-based vaccine in both mice and non-human primate
  2. Immunogenicity study of COVID-19 DNA vaccine in mice
  3. Immunogenicity study of COVID-19 subunit vaccine in mice

Development of nanoparticle-based dengue DNA vaccine

Development of subunit vaccines against leptospirosis

  1. Surface-exposed outer membrane proteins as novel subunit vaccines against leptospirosis in a hamster model
  2. Evaluation of liposome-based adjuvants to promote protective efficacy of LigAc subunit vaccine of leptospirosis in a hamster model
  3. Surface proteomics of pathogenic Leptospira to search for novel vaccine candidates and diagnostic tests
  4. Study of immune responses of dendritic cells against Leptospira infection

Development of vaccines for prevention and treatment of HDM allergy

  1. mRNA vaccines encoding major house dust mite (HDM) allergens
  2. Development of virus like particles (VLPs) displaying HDM allergens for new immunotherapeutic approaches.
  3. Production of recombinant house dust mite allergens for in-vitro diagnosis of allergen-specific IgE
  4. Characterization of innate immune signaling triggered by HDM allergens at the level of airway epithelium