COVID-19 Vaccine

Covid-19. Coronavirus Outbreak Design with Virus Cell in Microscopic View on Blue Background. Vector Illustration Template on Dangerous SARS Epidemic Theme for Promotional Banner or Flyer

Covid-19 Vaccine Candidate Development

“Emerging disease” is a major public health problem that has led to disasters that threaten national security. This creates a burden on health and economy. Emerging diseases are currently threatening rapidly, by the end of 2019, the COVID-19 outbreak has begun in Wuhan, China, and it continues to spread throughout the world. More than 67 million people have infected worldwide and 41.5 million deaths (as of December 5, 2020). Several research groups around the world compete to develop the SAR-CoV-2 vaccine just weeks after the outbreak.

The Chula VRC research group, in collaboration with Professor Drew Weissman, the Pioneer on mRNA vaccine technology the University of Pennsylvania, has developed a vaccine model using new mRNA technology for the prevention and treatment of SARS-COV-2, a Thai vaccine in at least 100 covid-19 vaccines worldwide.

Chula-Cov19 mRNA Vaccine